Leo Plumb
Visual artist, Glasgow

Copyright 2017
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In response to the exhibition premise for Tumultuous Noise as a reunion of friends, Behind the noise, beyond the exit focusses on a sense of suspended time and memory, evoked through smells.

A silk banner hung in the gallery was sprayed with scents and perfumes contributed by friends of the artist from the city. Each day a new piece of silk was rolled out, scent applied and the old fabric cut away and discarded in the space, distributing scents around the room

Contributors included:

Alan Dunn, Ellen Sankey, Abi Mitchell and James Maxfield, Miles Fangman, Karl Vickers, Jaclynne Smith, Zoe Sawyer and Simon Boase,

For the exhibition: Tumultuous Noise, Leeds, 2017

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http://leoplumb.uk/files/gimgs/th-25_IMG_3605 SMALLER 2.jpg
http://leoplumb.uk/files/gimgs/th-25_IMG_3614 SMALLER.jpg